Not Just Another Brick in the Walk

Here’s a novel way to raise funds for AHA and leave your mark on history. Well, actually history might leave its mark on you, your name anyway. Let me explain.

For $120 you can purchase a paving brick engraved with your name, or the name of a person or organization you designate. The brick is iron-rich so it will be around long after you’re gone. It comes in a deep, garnet red. (Red for heart) All the bricks will be placed in the Heritage Brick Walk on the plaza of the American Heart Association National Center, in Dallas, Texas.

Like I said, history will make its mark on you…it’s shoe print anyway.

How cancer develops, spreads, and is treated

When someone tells you about a friend or family member having cancer, you often hear someone say, “He has cancer.” Yet, cancer isn’t just one disease. There are, in fact, more than 200 different cancers, and each kind can originate in any cell or organ in the body. All cancers have one thing in common – abnormal, uncontrolled cell growth.

Normally, cells grow and divide in an orderly cycle to produce more cells only when the body needs them. This is a normal and healthy body process. Sometimes, however, cells keep dividing when new cells are not needed. These extra cells form a mass of tissue, called a growth or tumor.

Tumors can be benign or malignant:

  • Benign tumors are not cancerous. They can often be removed and, in most cases, they don’t come back. Cells from benign tumors do not spread to other parts of the body. Most important, benign tumors aren’t a threat to your life.
  • Malignant tumors, however, are cancerous. They are made up of abnormal cells that divide without control or order. They can invade and damage nearby tissues and organs. Also, cancer cells can break away from a malignant tumor and enter the bloodstream. That is how cancer spreads from the original cancer site to form new tumors in other organs. The spread of cancer is called metastasis.

When cancer spreads from its original location to another part of the body, the new tumor has the same kind of abnormal cells and is considered the same cancer type as the primary tumor. For example, if lung cancer spreads to the brain, the cancer cells in the brain are actually lung cancer cells, and the disease is called metastatic lung cancer.

Forms of cancer

There are three basic forms of cancer, which are named for the body tissues where they begin:

  • Sarcomas are found in fibrous or soft tissues, such as muscles, bone, or blood vessels.
  • Carcinomas are found in the epithelium – cells that cover the body surface and line body organs, such as the breast, colon, and lung.
  • Leukemias and lymphomas are found in blood cells of the bone marrow or lymph node cells.

Cancer can develop at almost any stage in life. There are some types of cancer that develop early, such as retinoblastoma (a cancer of the eye); others tend to develop in childhood, such as various forms of leukemia; and, of course, there are many forms that develop during adulthood, such as breast, colon, and prostate cancers.

Cancer growth

It can take a year or years before a growing tumor (benign or malignant) can be detected, either on physical examination, or on an x-ray or other test. Each form of cancer has its own growth rate.

A cancer that is “in situ carcinoma” – which in Latin means “in place” – refers to a cancer that is confined to one small area and is in an early stage of growth. Cancer or a “carcinoma” that is “in situ” may never develop further. However, because it may grow and become invasive and malignant, it is usually removed surgically, if possible.

Some cancers remain “in situ” or localized, while other cancers are “regional,” invading adjacent body organs. Other cancers even metastasize (spread) into the blood or lymphatic vessels, where they are carried through the body to a distant site or sites.

Treating cancer

There are different ways of treating cancer – mainly with surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy. However, because there are so many different types of cancer, research so far hasn’t found a single cause or single cure for cancer. Yet, because of improved diagnosis and newer cancer treatments, doctors are curing approximately 58% of cancer cases, and the current relative 5-year survival rate is about 60% for all types of cancer.

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lexapro effects

Understanding The Effects

It is a popular antidepressant pill that belongs to the drug group referred to as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or is also called SSRIs. Lexapro effectiveness can effect the brain chemicals that may be unbalanced which is the root cause of anxiety and / or depression.

Lexapro is a drug prescribed to treat anxiety to adult patients. It is also prescribed to young adults or adolescents with the age of at least 12 years old as a treatment for major depressive disorder.

It should be taken as advised by the doctor. Do not take this medication in a larger dose other than what is prescribed by your doctor. Do no take in longer than the duration of the treatment beyond what is prescribed by the doctor. Your physician may change the dosage of Lexapro from time to time for you to get the maximum results. Each dose should be taken with a glass of water. It is recommended to be taken the same time every day. Read and follow directions as stated on its prescription label.

The effectiveness might be felt as fast as 4 weeks. It some patients, it may take more than that. You can start feeling better within this time span. If you want to stop taking the medicine, you should talk with your doctor first. You may experience unpleasant side effects if you stop the medication abruptly.

Other Effects

There are many effects that may need immediate attention which you can read more through Lexapro reviews. If you observe any signs of allergic reaction such hives and skin rash, immediately consult with your doctor. Also raise attention if you experience swollen lips, face, tongue and throat or difficulty in breathing.

There are also behavioral effects that you need to observe such as mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety, trouble in sleep, impulsiveness, agitated, restlessness, hyperactive, and irritable. If you think your mental health is getting worse, speak with your health expert. If you have thoughts of suicide, immediately get in touch with your doctor.

Other negative Lexapro effects that you should watch out for are high fever, sweating, rigid muscles, fast heartbeat, overactive reflexes and tremors. Also seek immediate medical attention if you are experiencing diarrhea, nausea, unsteadiness, vomiting, and loss of coordination. You can also talk to your doctor if you have headache, memory problems, confusion, weakness, trouble concentration, fainting, hallucinations, seizure, and shallow breathing. You may also experience decreased sex drive and impotence.

Anti-inflammatory Herb-Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is one of the main ingredients in FlameEz-Liver. It is native to the Mediterranean regions of Europe and is now found growing in most parts of the world.  Milk thistle has been used as a traditional herbal remedy for almost 2,000 years. It is an extraordinary liver rejuvenant and widely used to protect the liver against toxins and to treat liver, kidney, spleen, and gallbladder diseases. Since 1986, it has been approved as a treatment for liver diseases including alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver poisoning and viral hepatitis. Recent experimental and clinical studies also suggest that Milk thistle extracts have anticancer, antidiabetic, and cardioprotective effects. 

The dried fruit of Milk thistle is composed of several polyphenolic flavonolignans, collectively called silymarin. The major component (60%) is silybin, which is also the most biologically active component. Other components include silichristin, a metabolic stimulant, and silydianin. Silymarin is found in highest concentrations in the fruit of the plant. Other constituents are flavonoids, a fixed oil (16% to 18%), betaine, trimethylglycine, and amines.

Since 1970s, extensive research has collectively shown that Milk thistle:

Helps stimulate protein synthesis in the liver*
Protects and maintains liver function against compounds that are highly toxic*
Scavenges free radicals and leukotrienes*
Promotes the liver to grow new cells, while discouraging the formation of inactive fibrous tissue*
Stimulates immune system*
Reduces lipid peroxidation and hepatic damage*
Regulates bile secretion*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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It’s in the Details

I’ve been on vacation, and I took notice to a few things that stood out to me. I’m always looking for bits and pieces of things to relate to business and my other projects which include things like marketing and sales. I’m aware of tiny details, and make a note of them for future reference – so that I can disect them and see how I can improve on my own business.

One of the things I noticed during my vacation this week, (2 great weeks in Florida) was “it’s in the details” that make something just that much better.

Let me give you tiny examples of little details that I noticed:

The vacation condo we stayed at not only had a washer and dryer, but they provided detergent for you to use as well…it’s a tiny thing, but thoughtful, which saves me from going out and buying a large container of detergent to wash 1-2 loads of clothes on vacation.

Here are some other things that stood out to me:

Blue Man Group was interactive, which kept the audience excited and involved….tiny thing, but huge impact.

In a gorgeous hotel, while the bathroom was amazing, it was the massage bar of soap that caught my eye. Other hotels use regular common soap bars…this bar was unique, which made it feel special.

Do you see how just an itty bitty difference or effort gets noticed? What are you doing – are there details that will make your customers say, hmmm, nice thoughtful touch.

In one hotel, we were given warm cookies on check-in….nice homey touch.

We played an interesting game of mini-golf, and there were a lot of stairs involved…a bench at the top of the stairs…nice touch. Good for my son who has asthma…and a welcome relief in very hot, muggy conditions.

Details are those little things that make a difference. You don’t have to scream out…wow, look what we have, but know that those small details DO get noticed, and are often appreciated. When you take the time to think about your customer’s experience…what tiny changes could you make to improve their experience?

Business Has a New Spark with SocialSpark

I’m watching PostieCon live right now, as they hold their conference in Las Vegas. I’m still sitting here in NJ, and love that I can watch the feed. Right now, I’m hearing about their huge new concept of social marketing and the media. They have over 80,0000 bloggers, along with over 10,000 advertisers. PayPerPost, now running under the umbrella of Izea, is launching something called It’s going to turn things around, and make profiles open, let people see what’s available out there.

People’s information will be available for the advertisers to shuffle through, and bloggers will have more detailed information about themselves. You’re no longer a number or a name, but you’ll actually have a profile that shows numbers, stats, and people can be lifted up and down. You can have a social network, add friends and more.

There’s feedback, and you can leave feedback…it’s a back and forth kind of thing. There’s more coming, and it’s fun listening to the live broadcast, but I don’t have all the details yet, since it’s just launching. Keep your eyes set to and Izea, there’s more to come!

Cable Makes a Difference

My aunt just switched from a dial up modem to a high speed modem. I didn’t realize she was still using dial-up. She couldn’t believe the difference! I remember when high speed modems were just launching. I actually worked for Comcast for 5 years. It’s been a few years since I’ve worked there, but what was cool is I was around for the launch of high speed modems, digital services, and HDTV services. It was exciting to see them release them here. They tested the waters in the Bensalem area of Bucks County in our neighborhood, and they took off! It was exciting to see the transition, and one of the things the company did was give their employees access to it in their homes, so they would know the product, and understand how great it was. I loved having access to it, and was in heaven.

Then I got married, and moved to my husband’s house. He had slow, or should I say painfully slow dial up service. It was worse than medieval torture going backwards in technology! Finally, I convinced him to switch over a few years ago, and we’ve never looked back. High speed modem service is just heads and shoulders above other types of services. I am on my computer for hours a day, so I rely on the efficiency of it.

Now they have Comcast Digital Voice service too. It just became available in my smaller town, so we’re looking forward to making the switch soon. The great thing is if you bundle the services together, you get a break on your bill. I can tell you that while I worked for this company, they treated their employees well. This is a company with integrity, and I’ve seen them in action. It’s been a few years since I’ve worked for them, but I know the quality they strive for. I know the hours people put in to give you the best service possible, and I know the guys who go out in all weather to make sure it stays that way. If you haven’t tried their services yet, this is something well worth trying. The technology is fabulous, and the company stands behind what they do.

group writing project that went wildfire

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